Bound Romance Trilogy Available For Free on Amazon Kindle Now!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that my first novel series Bound is available in the Amazon Kindle store absolutely free through Sunday only. You can get Bound, Divided and Freed for nothing, but you have everything to gain. It’s the perfect chance to pick up a new Romance Drama, and possibly read a very heartfelt story along the way. I’d very much love it if anyone was willing would pick them up and read them. Once you have, I’d like a review on the official store pages. I truly believe my book is good, but I need others to say that or it won’t matter. If I could get a few reviews on the books, it might get people interested enough to check it out and that’s how the series can get some exposure. I spent years writing it and so I’d really like to know people are reading it, or it’ll feel like a waste. So, even if you’re not interested personally, please share and tell others about it who might be! I’m not looking for just good reviews, but honest, constructive reviews that will say exactly what readers think about the book and if they recommend it. Of course, I’m hoping they will all be good or at least fair, but reviews of any type are better than no reviews at all. Act now, as this deal ends at just before midnight on Sunday May 3rd. Thanks and happy reading!

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