My name is Tanique and I’m a writer. I write mostly romance, but I’m branching into many other sub-genres as well. I love reading, writing and immersing myself in all literary pursuits. I am also open to freelance work as a writer and/or Editor. I’m trying to branch out and move towards full time writing and editing work, so if anyone might be interested in giving me a shot, I’d be happy to get in touch with you via my contact form. More of my writing is also available on Inkitt.

Below are the three books of my first novel series Bound. I would be delighted to have you check them out and share your thoughts if you were so willing. I put a lot of heart and passion into these books, and I believe they’ve helped me grow as a writer, so that my future works will be even better. Writing is my passion, and so if I could spend the rest of my life doing only that, I would be very happy.

Let’s Change the World, One Word at a Time.